Server 2003 Saboteurs: Replace your old server with $0 Capital Expense!

You know who you are.

By day, you are a proud protector of hardware and software, an IT hero who carries the weight of the entire company on his shoulders. Your world has been running with precision, but a dark menace has grown in the back of your mind over the last 10 years. You knew that Server 2003 would someday be put out to pasture, along with its aging hardware, and the applications would have to move on.

Now you stare down the barrel of a dreaded capital expenditure request for new hardware, Server OS, networking, and application compatibility checks leading to a scheduled outage, a weekend gone away from your family and relaxation.

You’ve had your eye on a high-end performance model that will blow the doors off any other server in the datacenter, but, to your dismay, the budget figures you presented were not approved.  Once a trusted friend, that slug of a server has now become your nemesis.

With port lights beginning to fade and fans coughing dust it taunts you, saying ‘you can’t afford to replace me; you will never get the I/O you crave!  I’m only running at 20% capacity and you can’t have the other 80%, ever!  As I get older, I use more energy.  You can’t shut me down because I will likely decide not to come back up!’

You cut the server spec way back, but still, it seems the only way to end your misery is to rob budget funds from somewhere else . . . another nemesis in the making.

Then the long-awaited day arrives with three magic words: END – OF – SUPPORT.  “Now,” you say to yourself, “Now, they have to get rid of it and I will be free!”

Caught between impending server failure and budget constraints, the IT hero inside you gives way to thoughts of server sabotage.

Carpet dust, magnets, the desk heater . . . all attempts at accelerating that 2003 server failure seem to have had no effect; nor have the baked goods you brought from home, trying to get budget approved.  Nothing works.

Then, just when all hope seems to be lost, a ray of sunshine cuts through the dark.  “What do my applications really need?” you ponder, staring absently into the cubicle space above your monitor.  The answers come naturally – CPU, RAM, Storage, and Networking with the right Security measures.  You have heard a lot about cloud computing and virtualization for the past few years, perhaps you even have a few virtual servers in your datacenter.  During the same timeframe, the application users have stood up from their desks and are now mobile with laptops and tablets.  They wonder why they can’t work remotely and have access to all the necessary applications.

Soon, you arrive at the critical question:  “Does my server have to sit in my building at all?”

You sit up taller in your chair as the moment of enlightenment dawns.  Words begin to flash before your eyes . . . Hosted Server, Co-location, Virtual Data Center, Hosted Applications, Pay-As-You-Go . . . words you thought were only used in the halls of Fortune 500 Companies with unlimited budget and training.  Out of curiosity, you have looked at the big cloud providers before – AWS, Rackspace, etc.  With your constant workload, mapping your applications to their requirements seemed impossible.

“What if there was a hosted data center services provider who can host my applications and my data the way I want?

“What if we could access that capacity anytime, from anywhere, and only pay for what we use?”

My friend, Open Source Tailors is that provider.

Companies have entrusted their applications, data, and accessibility needs with OS Tailors for 10 years.  They have the vision to add value to your business, the attentiveness to meet your needs, and the engineering to help you succeed.

A secure data center space plays host to compute, application, storage, and security services which are transported at up to 40 Gbps and are powered by 4 independent power grids.

Most importantly, you access this power in a usage-based pricing model.  In a monthly subscription model there is little to no capital expenditure and the cost of your usage is covered out of your operational expenditures – as simple as the electric bill.

Voila!  The IT Hero is here to stay!

Please contact your OS Tailors representative today and ask if hosted services might be A Perfect Fit.

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